Glam Kicks

On weekends, I typically feel like wearing pieces that are completely unacceptable in my office. Gotta break free of my 5-day business casual streak somehow, right? Examples: spikey jewelry, bold armswag, short miniskirts/shorts, and of course, some rad kicks. Two weeks before Christmas, I stumbled upon these babies on Since I had finished my Christmas shopping before Black Friday, I was able to justify my purchase. In the back of my mind, I also knew I had to get them, because they vaguely reminded me of the Giuseppe Zanotti high tops I had seen Aimee Song of Song of Style wear so many times. Sadly, my usual 7.5 was just a little too small, so I opted for an 8. To my dismay, they were out of stock! Well, for a few days… I kid you not when I say that I stalked that particular page, just to snag an 8… You know how online shopping goes! Anyway, when they arrived, I was so infatuated with the bold metallic sheen and studs, that I wore them to go grocery shopping that day. Snag a pair for yourself and I’m sure you’ll be wearing them as soon as you can too! *I’ve already seen a limited selection of sizes on multiple sites, so check them out below!*

Zara tee | MINKPINK skirt | MICHAEL Michael Kors kicks | Alexander Wang bag | Alimonada spike necklace | crystal bullet necklace via Nasty Gal | Low Luv, Zara, & Nike armswag | Hooked Up Hawaii rings via Fighting Eel

photos by: Tiff (Who also rocks these amazing kicks!)

One thought on “Glam Kicks

  1. Dang girl… what a great look. HOT HOT HOT! I love those metallic sneaks. I’ve been searching for a pair for a while, but I just saw on Nordies that they only have 7’s left. Boo hoo.

    Hope you’ve been fabulous. I’m due for an Oahu trip soon. Hopefully, Eli and I can make it there in March. If so, let’s get together for lunch!

    xx Love & Aloha

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