I’m swear, I’m not a tourist.

Summer Dreaming
Summer Dreaming

sunnies – Karen Walker (here)
muscle tee – Local Celebrity (Bamboo Sky & here)
cutoff denim shorts – One Teaspoon (here)
studded sandals – Zara 
watch – Marc by Marc Jacobs (here)
tribal ring – House of Harlow 1960 (here)
leather wrap bracelet – Gorjana (here)
leather hobo – Coach (here)


I’m back! I know, I’ve been MIA from the blogosphere for quite a while now and it’s totally because of my bad time management. As far as work goes, I’ve been involved in some project management and event planning, as well as some neighbor island travel. It’s been interesting! Exhausting, too.
As of this Monday, however, I’ve been stuck at home with gastroenteritis, otherwise known as “the stomach flu.” Though I appear to have lost several pounds with my boring soda cracker, white bread, Pedialite freezer pops, and coconut water diet, I cannot wait to enjoy tasty food again. As a self-proclaimed food lover, I can honestly say that not being able to eat anything I want feels like a punishment and I would never wish the stomach flu on anyone. It just sucks. Period.
So, being on house arrest/quarantine has made me wish that I was actually on summer break, rather than sick leave. In between the onsets of nausea, abdominal pain, and hours of prescription-induced sleep, I can’t help but longingly gaze at the distant ocean outside my window. No, I’m definitely not a regular beach goer, but I sincerely appreciate the beauty and lushness of Hawaii on a near-daily basis. Being stuck at home for so many days in a row just makes me wish I could be out there, taking it all in. As a result, I’ve dreamt up the above outfit. It’s what I imagine myself wearing, if I was in full summer break mode, perhaps for lunch with one of the girls.
Four shopaholic confessions: (1) I currently possess the muscle tank (thank you, Tiff!) and Zara heels… (2) I just ordered the Karen Walker sunnies. Fingers crossed that they fit the way I imagine… (3) I am DYING to purchase a fun bright-colored watch. The Marc by Marc Jacobs one, in particular. ;) (4) Bloomingdale’s currently has a Friends & Family sale going on and I’m soooo tempted to purchase that Coach hobo.
Work hard, play hard, right? :)

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