Salt + Sand / Izakaya Gaku

Salt + Sand top & pants | Jeffrey Campbell heels (I like these, too) | Zara clutch
Michael Kors watch | B. D’Angelo & Vita Fede cuffs | Tiffany & Co. Atlas ring
pc: my sis, Akemi

Seared Toro with Garlic. Like BUTTER. We had multiple orders of this…

Homemade tofu with dashi shoyu jelly. One plain, one with ikura, & one with uni.

I blame my dad for my toro cravings…

Seared miyazaki wagyu beef sushi. LIKE BUTTER. So delicious… We had several orders of this, as well.


FYI: Nordstrom’s gelato bar at Ala Moana has brought back the Birthday Cake gelato! It’s my fave. ^_^

My sister and I had our date night at Izakaya Gaku. Once in a while, it’s nice for the two of us to go out to a nice dinner and be foodies/princesses without our whole family in tow. Without our parents around, no one will get upset about our Instagramming or taking photos of everything we eat. ;)

Since we made the reservations almost a month ago, we were both craving quality sushi; particularly, toro. We were so pleased with the quality of everything we ordered, we can’t wait to go there again! As much as I love food, I’m actually quite picky. Yet, somehow, my sister sneakily tricked me into eating raw quail egg, ika, and nattou by making me a tiny roll of… I can’t remember what it was. It was a small dish that had small cubes of ahi, yamaimo, & green onion, amongst the other three ingredients that are on my “I do not eat” list. She had mixed them all together and asked me if I had wanted to “try.” I mistook the ika for yamaimo and forgot that there had been raw quail egg in there. It was…okay. I just wouldn’t order that dish for myself. :P

About the outfit: I JUST LOVE my purchases from Salt + Sand! I actually might do an outfit repeat of these two pieces for my upcoming trip to Vegas! Last weekend, my sister and I had a really fun personal shopping experience with Kerrie & Jasmine in their showroom. When you shop with them, you can tell that every piece they’ve chosen is something they would wear themselves. Everything I tried on was so comfortable, it was tough to narrow down my purchase to five items. Trust, the elimination process was painful!

For me, the older I’m becoming, the less compromising I’m becoming when it comes to giving up comfort for style. This is exactly why I love my Salt + Sand purchases. The array of flattering basics, closet-staple-worthy bottoms, and uber comfy I-want-to-live-in-this outerwear found at Salt + Sand assure you that you can always look chic, styled, and comfortable whether traveling, working, or chillin’ on the weekend. I also love that Kerrie and Jasmine totally embody their brand in similar, yet subtly different ways. They’re also both super sweet and helpful, and I can’t wait to shop with them again! Actually, my wallet could probably wait a while… Kerrie, let’s wait another month, ok? :P

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