Tired of the Rain

If you live in Hawaii, you’re probably as sick of the crazy weather as I was today. When I looked out of my window and saw overcast skies, I was tempted to pull on another pair of skinny jeans and stick with boots for the day. (One of my pet peeves is wet feet!) Once I told myself that the worst was probably over (hail and a tornado), I decided on wearing these floral shorts from Zara. Granted, they have a high waist and fit snugly in the most perfect way. And I say perfect because I would not be able to eat at a buffet in these… (i.e. The AMAZING Wicked Spoon buffet in the Cosmopolitan in Vegas!) If I wore a bustier or bodysuit, I probably would’ve looked like I was going for a pin-up girl look but that was far from what I wanted. Decided to pair it with something over-sized and loose, so I opted for one of my Brandy Melville button ups. On the way out the door, I made a last minute decision to borrow my mom’s Coach bag, just for fun. :) While I’ll always love basics (tops, bags, & heels) in black, I can’t help but be drawn to warm browns with Spring around the corner.

*3 random notes:
(1) As you can probably tell, I often like to play around with curves & color balance in Photoshop. :P
(2) You can’t really tell from the pictures but having a bad hair day called for wearing a headband… I’m really overdue for a haircut. >.<
(3) I rarely match my finger nail polish with my toe nail polish. This is mostly because I paint my toes less often. Thus, the time period during which my hands and feet match is usually fairly short.

Top: Brandy Melville
Shorts & heels: Zara
Watch, lightning bolt necklace, & spiked bracelet: Bamboo Sky
Sunnies & ivory pyramid stud bracelet: Forever 21
Solid gold bangle: vintage (mom’s)
Bag: Coach (almost worth the “vintage” label, mom’s)

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