Spring Ready

Zara jacket | Gap v-neck tee | Banana Republic pants | Michael Kors pumps
Alexander Wang Prisma Tote (similar here) | Bamboo Sky belt
Tom Ford sunnies | Jennifer Zeuner lariat necklace (similar here)
Michael Kors watch | Michael Kors + Vita Fede bracelets | Tiffany & Co. + Kira Hawaii rings
nail polish: Tom Ford (also here & here)

Is it Spring yet? Lately, mornings have been cool, here in Hawaii. By “cool,” I mean in the 60’s. I absolutely love it! It’s a nice change from our typical humid and hot weather. With Spring flowers on my mind, I opted for an old favorite–this chartreuse Zara tweed jacket I purchased back in…2012. The jacket was a good idea in my cold office, until I stepped outside.
A note on these fun pants: they are sadly a bit too loose for me now. Though this should make me happy, because it confirms that I actually have lost some of the weight I gained over the last year and a half, I’m disappointed. I’m thinking of trying to get them altered,  so I don’t have the awkward fashion faux pas of my pants drooping below my belt again. Hopefully, my anonymous photographer can point something like this out to me, should it ever happen again.

Nonetheless, another week is coming to an end. Next week, I have something fun coming up and I can’t wait to share it with you!


P.S. Here are some other white pumps I’m crushing on… (To those of you on your phones: please hop on a computer to view!)

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