Some Favorites: Food I Eat At Home

Hello, Blogosphere. I’m back! As my first revival post, I thought I’d share some details on what I’ve been eating at home. Those of you who follow me on Instagram are probably familiar with my #marissaeats tag. Contrary to popular belief, I actually do eat at home often, even though I may not post pictures of everything I eat… FACT: I cook spaghetti probably twice a month. FACT: Two of my comfort foods are chazuke and Kraft macaroni & cheese. FACT: When I don’t feel like cooking anything at all, I eat cereal!
Here are some of my favorites that I’ve been cooking and eating at home…

Furikake Salmon
One of the ways my mom prepares salmon is with brown sugar and furikake! After defrosting my salmon overnight, I gently pat them dry with paper towels, to absorb excess moisture. Then, I added some freshly cracked pepper and rubbed about a teaspoon of brown sugar to each filet. To add the furikake, I firmly packed it on to both sides, and gently placed them in my lightly oiled, hot ceramic-coated non-stick pan. After cooking to perfection, the salmon comes out with a yummy salty-sweet flavor! Note: I buy my boneless & skinless frozen salmon individually packaged in a big bag from Costco. :)

Overnight Oats

First of all, I’ve got to thank Starbucks for reviving my affinity towards oatmeal, in general. When traveling to the Neighbor Islands for work early in the morning, I wanted something warm for breakfast. In an effort to be more health-conscious, I decided to try their classic oatmeal. To my delightful surprise, I really enjoyed the variation in texture and taste from the toppings: brown sugar, a mixture of dried berries, and a mixture of chopped nuts. This discovery lead me to attempting overnight oats: a chilled and dessert-like alternative to warm oatmeal. I’ve re-purposed my Talenti Gelato containers for my daily overnight oats breakfasts! I add half a cup of oats to half a cup of almond milk and let the mixture soak in my fridge overnight. The next morning, I add a splash more of almond milk and then load up on my favorite toppings: fresh raspberries, cocoa nibs, chia seeds, sliced almonds, pumpkin seeds, & half a teaspoon of agave nectar. If I don’t have fresh berries available, I add golden raisins & Craisins. :) YUM!

Chicken Breast Marinated in Italian Dressing
On Instagram, I shared char siu chicken, a family favorite and simple dinner solution. For chicken breast, I appreciate simple recipes as well. One method I learned from one of my cousins: marinate the chicken breast in Italian dressing overnight, then grill on a George Foreman Grill. Since I didn’t want my chicken to dry out in my George Foreman Grill, I decided to cook the chicken in my ceramic-coated nonstick pan. Still easy and tasty! Note: I used defrosted chicken breast, rather than frozen.

Lasanga Grilled Cheese

I am such a HUGE fan of grilled cheese sandwiches! It’s a childhood favorite I enjoy making at home, but also something I like to order when out. If you follow me on Instagram, you have probably seen my Kissaten grilled cheese & tomato bisque combo photos.  When Refinery29 shared photos of this delicious sandwich creation, I HAD to attempt it for myself. Since I couldn’t find canned cherry tomatoes, I used fresh Ho Farms Family Tomatoes, cut into halves. I also bought the seediest loaf I could find at Whole Foods, which proved to be a delicious choice. Original recipe from Joy The Baker.

Roasted Broccoli

Whether I’ve grilled some steak or am eating spaghetti, I’m typically eating some kind of vegetable side dish. Growing up, I learned to love plain boiled broccoli. When cooking dinner for us after school, my genius of a grandma would leave a bowl of broccoli on the table, while preparing the rest of our dinner. My sister and I were so hungry, we would munch on the broccoli and even get to points of arguing over who ate more. It’s not every day that you hear children fighting over a vegetable, right? Now. though I still enjoy the same plain broccoli, I also enjoy roasting my favorite vegetable. Additional ingredients needed: garlic, olive oil, lemon juice, pepper, & Parmesan cheese. Trust me, it’s a super easy recipe to follow, especially since the additional ingredients are staples in my kitchen. Recipe here.

If you decide to give any of my favorites a try, let me know what you think! :) Cooking always allows modifications for personal taste, so I’d love to hear how you customize them for yourself.


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