Ladi Dadi

I actually have some color . . .
One of my pet peeves is actually pockets sticking out from shorts, but I made an exception for these since the pockets aren’t ordinary…
I have no idea what this says but I hope it’s not profane…
 photos by: my sister
Went to Fresh Cafe for lunch today. I had the sandwich & half salad combo, though my pesto pasta salad seemed large for a half-sized portion. The first and last time I ate there with my friend, Robson, I had the same sandwich (the chicken salad sandwich on an everything bagel) & decided to have the same thing…again. Next time, I hope I’ll be more adventurous & try something else. :)
Bought these shorts at the Free People store in University Village the other week in Seattle. Since it was sort of rainy and I hate getting my feet wet, my Converse Chucks were perfect. Glad I didn’t intend on wearing heels yesterday.
P.S. The song below is my latest favorite from my workout playlist. :)

Steve Aoki – Ladi Dadi feat Wynter Gordon

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