Ladylike Neutrals

Ladylike Neutrals
With the summer heat lingering in Hawaii, I’ve been drawn towards neutral colors for work. Recently, with J. Crew’s “25% off purchases of $150+” promotion, I treated myself to the white skirt of my dreams (pictured above)! Coincidentally, I found a similar skirt at Banana Republic, at 30% off a few days later. Guess what? I’m so in love, I’m keeping both! Ha-ha! Anywho, amongst the sea of black trousers and blazers in the office, I do like to stand out every now and then. Okay, okay, maybe every day. ;) On another note, I’ve been told, that once you have kids, it’s “dangerous” to wear white. So, while I’m relatively young and child-free, I plan to wear it as often as possible! This is not to say that I don’t ever have incidents of my own. (NOTE: I LOVE marinara sauce and I’m frequently one of those women that drives to work makeup-less.) I just happen to rely on a trusty detergent as a stain remover, in the event that any colored food or substance dares to taint my clothing. Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself! :)
Pictured above is a dream outfit of mine, with the only item in my possession being that perfect feminine and flirty skirt. Morning presentation? Own it. Lunch meeting? Charm them. Date night? Flirty and classy.
Get the look below:


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